WAN Consulting

With our 15+ years’ experience in analyzing WAN’s we now offer this as a Consulting Service.
Understanding your current concerns around the WAN and with competitive costs/replacement and benefits, we would be able to provide you with a quantifiable WAN benchmark.

This could include detailed reports for each Branch circuit, capacity, and applications using the WAN, even individual user's activities.
An overall understanding and clear visibility into the actual WAN requirements, exactly what is traversing the WAN and the impact of these applications will be invaluable in planning any changes, including removing acceleration devices, and even clarifying the need for these in the current environment.
Visibility into individual branches would allow informed decisions around capacity/WAN changes.

Please let us know if you are interested in engaging us to perform this work and allow us to move forward with a defined understanding of WAN requirements and performance.

Key Features:
·         Consult with your team to identify your network’s strengths and weaknesses, needs and goals
·         Conduct a network analysis to comprehensively identify and assess underlying problems
·         Propose recommendations to improve the design of your network

WAN Analysis:
·         Full reporting on all applications traversing the WAN, including throughput, bandwidth usage per applications, source/destination
·         Analysis of WAN capacity versus business applications and unwanted overhead
·         Capacity recommendations based on real life traffic WAN usage by Users and branch offices
·         Application performance base lining – full end-to-end application performance statistics including network delay, server delay, jitter, loss
·         Application performance troubleshooting and identification
·         Visible display of LIVE traffic during standard work flow hours, actual live monitoring of WAN performance
·         Branch analysis – WAN usage, capacity requirements, performance
·         Individual User analysis – full list of all application used, times, volumes, bandwidth, etc.
·         Planning for roll-out or deployment of new applications over the WAN – impact, changes, Proof of Concept testing (Examples include Sharepoint, Lync, Office 365, PoS, ERp, CRM, additional staff, new Branch being added).

WAN Planning
·         Understanding current WAN issues, requirements and capacities, to enable a change of WAN infrastructure based on actual usage rather than assumed.
·         Discovery of what bandwidth Business applications actually require, versus other WAN overhead, and how to address this in a cost-effective manner.
·         Statistics, data, volumes and detailed reports, as well as easy to understand graphical summary of findings.

The above services can be provided on on a project basis or ad-hoc, or set fee.  We can simply provide the results or consult and provide recommendations based on the results.